Presidential Spotify Playlists

Today must have been a slow news day, because this turned up in multiple places. You’d think there was nothing more important going on in the world, like, say, a potential war with Iran, an actual war in Afghanistan, or a renewed war-like problem in Iraq. Oh wait, those are all actually happening. But hey, everybody focus on the President’s Summer Jams, yo!

What didn’t turn up in all the fawning fake soft news was any critical analysis of the choices his PR people made for these lists (because I honestly don’t believe the President made these choices, himself, and if he did, he should probably GET BACK TO WORK), which read as the most banal, predictable choices that could have possibly been made. Oh boy, Beyonce. Oh boy, Van Morrison. Oh boy, Bob Marley. Ooh, looky-looky, it’s Mos Def – how terrifically edgy. I mean, Mos Def isn’t afraid to say unpopular things, even if he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, and refuses to learn. Is it 1993 again?

The most heinous offense, though, is that there’s a Coldplay song on the “daytime list”. Coldplay. Seriously. Coldplay is music for people who feel too “challenged” by Radiohead. This is what the Commander-in-Chief, in these times of serious crises, has the time and audacity to suggest Americans listen to, posted with the attendant gravitas of having used the White House website to do so. To paraphrase a certain First Lady, “For the first time in my adult lifetime I am embarrassed of my country.”


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