This is an exceptionally well-written piece about why gun control efforts fail:


I’d only add that the demonization of the NRA on behalf of anti-gun activist is not aided by the inaccuracy of describing them as a “tool of the gun manufacturing lobby”, considering the following:


It is estimated that somewhere between 7% to 13% of the NRA’s income comes from gun corporations. They predominantly make their money from membership dues (which means individuals who want to join the NRA sign up and pay for that membership) and personal contributions from said members, who willingly donate money to the NRA. And you know why about 5 million people willingly signed up and paid for NRA membership? Because they feel the NRA represents their rights in both Washington DC, and in the individual states in which they live. That’s what a “grass roots” movement looks like, as opposed to organizations like “Everytown for Gun Safety“, funded by millions of “mild billionaire [former] mayor,” Michael Bloomberg’s dollars, which at the end of the day, lacks committed members in its numbers, seemingly operating more akin to an “astroturfed” propaganda agency than a “grass roots” group, despite delusions from Huffington Post bloggers to the contrary.


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