Real talk. Because some of you need to hear it.

So I’ve read three fawning columns in the last 24 hours about how Hillary Clinton “showed those Republicans” during the most recent Benghazi hearing that she won’t be intimidated, and each column drew what they felt was the obvious conclusion; Hillary will be President of the United States. Allow me to hurt your tender feelings for a moment, for your own good; this will not happen. Not only should it not happen (which it most decidedly should not), it actually will not happen, and you’d know this if you had less difficulty sorting out the difference between what you wish would happen, and what will actually happen.

You see, a substantial portion of the media may want this to happen, and the sycophantic halfwits that comprise the cheerleading section for said portions of the media, with the opinions they absorb from their quasi-literate gatekeepers, may also equally desire this outcome, but shit in one hand, and wish in the other, and then see which one fills up first.

Ms. Clinton is untrustworthy. I could point to a plethora of different examples of this, from her recorded laughter with regards to the victim of a rape in rural Arkansas, to her disingenuous and downright shifty choice to do State Department business using her personal email address, including multiple instances of TS/SCI information being present in said emails, on top of her lallygagging response to FBI demands she provide said email, on top of her stalling for an entire year before complying with the Department of State’s own ruling on when she was required to provide all of said email, not just the selections she self-edited to be deemed as pertinent, to her towing of the party line when publicly, and repeatedly, blaming the incident in Benghazi on a stupid Youtube video, despite the record showing she was fully aware that it was, in fact, an Ansar al Sharia attack, not an organic Libyan reaction to a Youtube video, to a large number of other disgraceful incidents which indicate her underlying character problems.

Her cheerleading section can believe that these are all manufactured conspiracies caused by the ever-crafty “vast, right wing conspiracy” which fears the rule of a “strong woman”. It really doesn’t matter if they believe this or not; the end result in the pending election will remain the same; Clinton, if, in fact, she even makes it through the primary, is an impossible candidate in the general election, and here’s why. Too many people hate her. The NRA, whom she has attempted to demonize, comparing them to Iranian terrorists, enjoy greater popular support than does Hillary Clinton. Too many people don’t think that having been married to a former President is a qualification for being President. Too many people just generally have ill will towards her vaguely disguised thirst for power, and too many people have a viscerally negative response to her very existence. And not only do these people outnumber those who support Ms. Clinton, they are sufficiently motivated to use their voting rights to make sure she never becomes President.

When, in the process of posturing to gain primary election support from less than 50% of your base audience, you manage to alienate 54% of the population, your general election result is going to be disastrous. It’s really very simple. The math is the math, and the math says you’re not going to win. Further, being defeated in the general election, as you will be, is going to leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth that will prevent you from ever running again in subsequent general elections. Don’t believe me? Where’s Al Gore these days? Yeah, I went there.

So before you break out the champagne and celebrate raw, naked oligarchy, consider the fact that no matter how much you want something, if a larger percentage of the voting population firmly doesn’t want that thing, you might want to adjust to the taste of defeat. Otherwise you’re all going to be crying like little babies the way you were when Bush II was President. For two terms.

Don’t get me wrong; I love to hear you cry. As a libertarian, I’ve gotten used to my candidates not winning the Presidential race. I’ve got no particular dog in this fight. But you’re going to lose, and if you don’t accept that early (and right now you are in denial if you think this outcome is anything other than guaranteed), you’re going to drive yourself nuts for the next 4-8 years with your seething bitterness at having backed a loser. I may enjoy your whining. I may laugh heartily upon reading your impotent blog screeds protesting the unfairness of it all. But you’ll be putting miles on your own collective hearts. And given the obvious weakness of your constitutions, is that really in your best interest?


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