Dear Technology Recruiter: An unsent email that I probably should have gone ahead and sent.

Hello [redacted],

This position isn’t a good match for me, for a variety of reasons. Namely:

  1. The listed rate is entirely too low.
  2. The location is not one of the three locations I am willing to relocate to, nor is it in the location I currently live in, all of which are clearly defined at, wherein you found my resume/profile to begin with.
  3. The skills required for the job only match a fraction of my own, and include a number of skills which I do not have, all of which is, again, clearly defined in my profile and resume, where you found me.
  4. You list a series of requirements for the job, yet you tell me nothing about the employer, such as their name, the nature of their business, or what they do.
  5. Further, your insistence that I do the work of letting you know whether or not it is a good fit, when combined with your lack of initial research by means of comparing the described position vs. my skill set and my willingness to relocate to three specific locations, which do not include Long Island, nor the State of New York, for that matter, demonstrates a certain lack of attention to detail, and/or sloth on your behalf. If you choose to contact me in the future, you would do well to perform your job in a more effective manner, and not shrug off that responsibility to me. It is recruiters like yourself that result in job seekers purposefully circumventing you, and applying directly for the jobs whose fulfillment provides you and your employer with the rates that pay your bills.


    – Matthew N. Sharp


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