You Aren’t Artists, You’re Just Self-Obsessed

I spent a little longer reading this apologia for “selfies” this morning than I should have. I will never get that time back. What I’ve learned, in bullet point format:

  • Never read anything written by Rachel Syme. It’s a waste of time from which you will gain nothing.
  • Millennials will spend countless hours (it took her six months to write this, according to her twitter feed, which is just embarrassing) rationalizing their collective behavior.
  • They will resort to intellectual sloth, and try to make everything that criticizes their narcissism into “sexism”. If that doesn’t work, they’ll try to turn it into “racism”, and if that fails, “ageism”.
  • They will posit themselves and their behavior as “artists” and “art”, overestimating their own relevance and importanceĀ to the point of hilarity.

Seriously, I wish, right now, that I had a time machine, so I could go back and stop Tim Berners-Lee from “developing” HTML/HTTP in 1992, and keep the world a place where, though you may be surrounded by idiots, they were, at least, still silent, and unrecognizable.



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